Demi Sized Linux

Demi Size Linux

Demi Size Linux (DSL) is a small, light weight, desktop-oriented Linux distribution. Demi Linux can be run from a USB pen drive, directly from a CD, installed on a hard drive (as a solid image or a traditional uncompressed manner), or even run from within a host operating system -- Windows or Linux.

Demi Size Linux is the product of thousands of development hours and contributions from around the world. It is actively being developed and continually refined. As only a 50MB download and using very light applications, Demi is a good choice for older hardware. Also, Demi is one of just a few usable desktop-oriented Linux distributions that can actually be downloaded on a dialup modem.

If you are looking for the DSL portal, look here.

We hope you enjoy DSL.

Where can I download it from?

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